Situated in the heart of Rotterdam The Hague Airport our hotel is the perfect gateway to Rotterdam and The Hague. The city centre of Rotterdam is just within 15 minutes of driving distance and beautiful cities as Delft and The Hague are also close-by. Explore and experience these must-visit places. We have compiled a list of the most amazing hotspots and events to make your visit even more unforgettable.  



With one of the largest harbours in the world and its impressive architectural design, Rotterdam is the ‘Gateway to Europe’. Explore Europe’s capital of cool and the Meuse river from the comfort of a Spido Rotterdam boat. Fall in love with the beautiful view by visiting the Euromast tower. This tower will give you a view over the city from 96 meters (315 feet) high. Get inspired and discover all of Rotterdam’s striking features, top attractions, landmarks and sightseeing spots.


The hague

The seat of the Dutch parliament, home of the monarchy, and host to the United Nations, The Hague combines stately serenity with global ambience. In The Hague, you’ll find chic cafés, fashionable malls and superb museums, all housed in a graceful mix of medieval, Baroque and post-modern architecture. Beyond the famous Peace Palace and Binnenhof, a wealth of lesser-known delights await, including Kijkduin Beach, the Japanese water garden and the Schilderswijk Market.

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